Hajj Moussa, Bonja & Partners (HMB) is one of the emerging law firms in Lebanon and the Middle East Region.

Since its foundation in 1997, in Beirut, HMB has been dedicated to professional excellence, confidentiality, integrity, credibility and continuous learning.


The success in applying and performing the above criteria has gained HMB a solid reputation among notable local Law Firms, ensuring an expansion through Geneva in 2004, the Gulf Region in 2005 and London in 2008.

This expansion has enabled HMB to create a network of communication and cooperation among law firms located in these countries, providing HMB clients with access to top - notch advice worldwide. 

HMB provides creative, comprehensive and innovative legal solutions; HMB acts on behalf of individuals, private companies, financial institutions and governmental bodies.
HMB advises on a high profile corporate transactions and real estate developments all over the region.

HMB generates new business opportunities to clients and strives to create links and develop affairs between clients and new potential investors, where both parties may establish a successful partnership.

HMB delivers added-value to clients' lucrative business and strives to meet the obligation in delivering on the promise with a passion to excellence in every single achievement.

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